Williamsburg AleWerks

The tradition of drinking beer here probably began in Jamestown. No Englishman would have dared to sail the seas on a venture to Virginia without beer. In the 1600’s & prior to that, beer was safer to drink than water since it had to be boiled. Research shows in 1610 an advertisement ran for a brewer. Today we continue the traditional of brewing both historical & contemporary ales. We offer a diverse selection of beer including those brewed year round, seasonally, some periodically & others are created when inspiration beckons.

Tours begin with the history of beer including humorous anecdotes & a lively discussion about beer today. Tour the brewery & learn what makes this brewery unique. At the end of your visit you will enjoy a sampling of different beers which is both educational & tasty.  Williamsburg AleWerks is the only micro-brewery in the Historic Triangle.  In close proximity to Williamsburg Premium Outlets, Great Wolf Lodge and Williamsburg Pottery, it's a fun place to visit for those that enjoy beer and those that are just curious how great beer is made.  Closed on Sunday.  Growlers Welcome.

Taproom Hours
Monday-Thursday 12pm-7pm
Friday & Saturday 12pm-8pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm  (NO TOURS)

 3:30pm - daily (except Sunday)
4:30pm - daily (except Sunday)


 Tasting Fee