Stillhouse Distillery at Belmont Farm

Stillhouse Distillery at Belmont Farm is where "legal Moonshine" is made.

Master distiller, Chuck Miller, got this idea from his Grandfather (who made illegal moonshine, back in his day). In 1987, six miles south of Culpeper, Virginia on their 189 acre farm, Chuck and Jeanette Miller renovated an old workshop into a distillery. With his unique recipe, Chuck, made his first batch of Virginia Lightning (moonshine).

Today, Virginia Lightning and Kopper kettle, sells in most the ABC stores in Virginia and in the gift shop on the farm.

Tours of the distillery building begin at 10:00am with groups of 12, every 15 minutes.

We are open Tuesday through Saturday, 10:00am to 5:00pm, April 1 through December 24.