Ramulose Ridge Vineyards

Come for the wine... stay for the view!

Our Whites
Vidal Blanc (2012) - a fruity wine with a velvety finish.
Chardonel (2012) - a hybrid variety of Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc.
Viognier (2012) - a crisp dry wine with enticing honeysuckle and apricot aromas.
Traminette (2012) - begins with floral aromas and concludes with a citrus taste.
Blush (2012) - a semi-sweet treat of Vidal Blanc with a splash of Chambourcin.
Sweetwater (2012) - our luscious Traminettte perfectly sweetened.

Our Reds
Syrah (2012)- perfect combination of soft yet spicy with a dry finish.
Chambourcin (2012)- this French/American hybrid produces pleasant berry aromas with a soft tannin structure.
Cab Franc (2012)- blackberry flavors will overwhelm your pallet with a hint of oak.
Blackwater (2012)- an alluring partnership of Cab Franc and Chambourcin in a delicious semi-sweet red wine.