Catoctin Creek Distilling Company

Come and visit the first family-owned distillery in Loudoun County Virginia since before prohibition. Producing award winning, high quality organic spirits and liqueurs: Rye whiskeys from organic sources, brandy from Virginia wines, and seasonal specialty liqueurs. At Catoctin Creek, high quality and organic spirits and liqueurs are our passion.  Remember... Think Global... Drink LOCAL!

Tastings and Tours

See this working distillery  in production,  including a 400 liter custom-made Kothe still and condenser.  Tours will  highlight the process of making distilled spirits, including   fermentation, distillation, aging and bottling.

Often, depending on the day, you may see much of this equipment in operation and meet and speak with the owners.

Monday thru Thursday 8 - 6 PM
Tours & Tastings 12-1 PM, 3-4 PM

Friday 8 - 4 PM
Tours & Tastings 12-1 PM, 3-4 PM

Saturday 11 - 4 PM
Tours & Tastings 11-12 PM, 2-4 PM
(by appointment only)

Tours last about half an hour and cost $5 per person, kids are free. Tastings also last about half an hour, for a one hour total experience.