Caroline County Visitor Center

It is located one-half mile from I-95 Exit 104, on Rt. 207 east, and lies close to the crossroads of US-1 and US-301, making it a central location for travel to Richmond,DC, and Maryland. The facility offers rest stop comforts, including restrooms, and snack and drink vending. It has travel and weather information as well as state & local maps and menus from local restaurants.   It also offers the unique experience of a 28-ft. prehistoric whale skeleton found in Carmel Church. The informational railing details the process of the whale discovery and excavation as well as the formation of Virginia's Fall Line. People can also examine other fossils such as whale bones, shark's teeth, and a horse's jaw, all found at the nearby quarry. It also has a gift shop that spotlights local talent and offers county and Secretariat memorabilia.