Battle of Front Royal Driving Tour

Friday, May 23, 1862 was clear and intensely hot. Early in the afternoon Col. John R. Kenley's Marylanders were seeking cool relief from the sun's rays when suddenly from the forests emerged long gray lines of men and a deadly explosion of musketry. Leading these Southern Troops was Col. Bradley T. Johnson and the First Maryland, CSA. This was the start of the Battle of Front Royal or as history will record it: the Battle of "Brother Against Brother". The outcome of this battle would dictate "Stonewall" Jackson's next move.  Follow in the footsteps of General Stonewall Jackson as you learn about this decisive battle.  Stop at the Visitors Center to pick up the self-guided driving tour or download from the website.

Event Dates/Times

1/1/2014 - 12/31/2014