Wilson's Animal Park

Home to more than 200 mammals, birds, and reptiles representing more than 50 species of wild animals from all over the world! Animals include lemur, kangaroo, African lions, monkeys, and camels.

The park is set on a 25 acre plot and has a gravel pathway approximately a mile long! Walk through the park setting enjoying the many different animals. You may see a lemur enjoying his/her lunch or the lions doing what it seems they do best - napping!

Feeding is allowed at the park but limited to deer, sheep, goats, and llamas. Feed is available to purchase at the gift shop.

Restrooms are available at your convenience to wash your paws after a day at the park. There is also a picnic area to enjoy your lunch.

The park welcomes groups including school field trips and birthday parties at a discounted rate.

Open May through October.

Mon-Fri: 10am-5pm and Sat-Sun: 10am-6pm


 General Admission: $7.50, Children under the age of 3 are FREE