Bear Path Acres "Zoo"

Bear Path Acres "Zoo" is a non profit exotic animal sanctuary. You get to meet the animals up close and personal! We take pride in working with each animal to make it a wonderful learning experience. Quiet country atmosphere. We are conveniently located in Southampton County, just 9 miles south of Franklin. You will leisurely stroll along our walkways to enjoy the vast assortment of wonderful animals, from native wild life, birds of prey, primates, big cats, and the only grizzly bear on display in Virginia. Spend an hour or pack your lunch (you are in the country, no convenience store or fast food) and spend the day! We will educate you on some very interesting facts about our wonderful assortment of animals. We would like for you to have respect and pride in all that Mother Nature has to offer. We will allow you to take a closer look at your agricultural roots, by providing a clean, safe, nurturing and stimulating environment. New for 2012 "Chief" our baby tiger, but they do grow fast! Find us on Facebook for up to date info! Located at Route 258 South @ Va/N.C. State Line


 $10 per adult, $5 children 4-12, group rates, family memberships