The Big Chair

The Big Chair made by Bassett Furniture Industries to celebrate its 100th anniversary is now a major icon you'll see when you visit UpTown Martinsville. This chair, standing over 20 feet tall and weighing approximately 5000 lbs, is a symbol of our furniture heritage and is now a permanent fixture in the UpTown.

The chair is made of solid ash with a boat-like finish. Each of the back two legs has 56 pieces of wood and the seat is made of fiberglass with a decal replicating the actual fabric on the Grove Park Mission chair. The chair is an icon of the "Deep Roots/Legacy" initiative, which is aimed at highlighting unique assets and rich legacies in furniture. This chair serves as a symbol of where we came from and what's still important to us today.

We hope you'll stop by to see The Big Chair while visiting any of our UpTown shops.