Rocky Mount Center for the Arts at the Grainery

The Rocky Mount Center for the Arts' mission is to showcase, facilitate,  and educate, to support artistic endeavors and rural creativity in the  community and region, as well as enrich the community by broadening  access and involvement of diverse audiences. Free to the public,  visitors watch artists at work and see how projects are developed  through live demonstrations and open studio viewing. Established as a  non-profit organization, we are dedicated to the prosperity, quality,  and sustainability of regional art. Artists and arts organizations have  opportunities to create, interpret, present, and perform artistic work. Our  program addresses the need for a bridge between museums and schools in  teaching students of all ages self-esteem, and visual expression. It is a  discovery based student-centered learning method that allows students  to communicate their ideas without censure or criticism and is designed  for instructors regardless of their art background. This program offers  support to art partnership between schools, community, and individual  artists. Participating artists will provide training to area youth.  Artists engage participants of varying ages, cultures, experiences and  ability levels in making art within a mutually supportive and creative  learning environment. Participants can explore personal self-expression  and the role of the arts in society.