Mystery Dinner Playhouse - Virginia Beach

Now in their 19th smash year, Mystery Dinner Playhouse is Virginia Beach, Washington D.C., Richmond and Williamsburg's  very popular dinner theatre!  Audience members solve a hilarious comedy murder mystery while enjoying a delicious four course dinner.    The dinner is served by a zany cast of characters who all the while are providing clues to help solve the evening's crime.  A clue dossier containing riddles and puzzles to decipher, and bribe money are provided to each audience member to help them solve the murder and entice the "suspects" to give away clues.  Guess "whodunit," and win a prize!  Perfect for families, couples, student, senior and tour groups.  Weekly year-round performances at all four locations.  Group packages, children's, senior and military discounts available.


 $43.95  tax (adult price) includes dinner and show.