LOVEwork in Abingdon

Abingdon celebrates being the first community to ever host the original Virginia is for Lovers LOVEwork by contracting a local artisan from the Holston Mountain Artisan co-op organization to create an exact replica of that installation.

As the town is known for its local artisans, crafts, cuisine and music, the LOVEwork is an important way of incorporating this strong regional artisan network.  The artwork, which stands seven feet tall and 15 feet wide, connects residents and visitors to both Abingdon and Virginia, will travel to various locations, giving each of the region’s various attractions and festivals the chance to display the LOVE.

Visitors are encouraged to take photos with the LOVEworks and share with loved ones on Facebook at or on Twitter with the special hashtag #LOVEVA.  A complete list of the LOVEwork locations is at