Let's Paint - Fun & Easy Art

Imagine - in about 2 hours, creating a great Souvenir art piece and bringing it home to show your friends and family...?  Wouldn't you love to paint something you will be proud of - and hang it on the wall...?

With "Let's Paint" – Fun & Easy Art™ you CAN do this TODAY...! Yes, you can... we GUARANTEE everyone >10  yrs. old can...!

"Let's Paint" is an exciting new entertainment venue... on your own or with your friends/family in a fun and easy atmosphere, you paint our original artwork.

We coach you step-by-step and provide all the painting stuff ...It's that easy...!

This is especially fun for people who have not thought of anything art-like in years, if not "...since 4th grade?"

"Let's Paint" folks keep coming back to our pARTy to complete our art, and you too will see immediate results – because you will finish your painting today...!

Just bring your smiles and favorite beverage – we bet you will bring some of your friends the next time!

So come on over to Barclay Towers Resort – Oceanfront  in Virginia Beach and get in on the next pARTy...!


 Paint & Create your own Souvenir < 2-1/2 hrs... Includes all Coaching, Materials, etc. only $45 per person complete. $5.00 DISCOUNT w/ this ad.