Karaoke at Rose Hill

Karaoke is scheduled Wednesday, Friday and Saturday from 6 p.m. until 10p.m. in a family-oriented, alcohol-, drug- and smoke-free nightclub atmosphere.

We have a stage for performers with wireless microphones and a professional sound system. Our awesome lighting system with strobes, chasers and spots offset our stage and our dance floor. We have over 8,000 songs to choose from in our catalog (Old and New Country, 50's & 60's, Bluegrass, Southern Gospel, Pop & Rock). We have a pool table, rook and regular cards, checkers, pinball and other games.

Snack Bar is available specializing in Deep Fried Oreo's, Nachos & Cheese, Hot Dogs, and King Size Dill Pickles. Assortment of Candy Bars, Cracker Snack Packs and Gum round out our menu. Assortment of beverages (cold & hot), Pickle Juice and Free Popcorn.  All ages are welcome.