H. Warren Billings Mural: SunTrust Bank

The Martinsville SunTrust Bank in Historic UpTown is home to a unique display of art in the form of a hand-painted mural.

The work was commissioned by H. Warren Billings, a noted Richmond artist, who took a year to complete the work which is eight and one half feet wide and seventy-three feet long and weighs approximately 160 pounds.  Billings used 65 colors and shades and signed the work in 1967, just a year before the bank building officially opened.

The mural highlighting Virginia and local history, features eight detailed scenes, including: The Capital in Williamsburg-1705; Richmond-1807; The Henry County Courthouse-1832; The Colonel Joseph Martin House-1810; The Major John Redd House-1783; Stratford Hall; Redd House; and Lover's Leap in Patrick County.

SunTrust Bank Lobby Hours:
Monday - Friday 9AM - 5PM