Goochland Drive-In

The Goochland Drive-In Theater is strictly a family-oriented  and community-involved establishment.  It offers the finest new/current-release  movies - and classic American food & concessions at very affordable prices -  making it an outstanding value for everyone.

Though technologically modern  inside and out, it pays homage to the classic drive-ins of yesteryear that many  of us remember so well.  As such, you can expect a visually appealing facility  with outstanding picture and sound.

Like all movie theaters, we rely on our concessions to remain in business, so  absolutely - no outside food or beverages are  permitted ...failure to comply will result in expulsion from the premises  without refund.  However, we absolutely make exceptions for babies or those with  special dietary needs.


 $7/adult; $3/child aged 4-11; 3 and younger free