Ascension Lutheran Church

Home of world-wide admired Chrismons, handmade symbols that depict the purity of Jesus Christ with gold beads and pearls.  The Chrismon tradition began here in 1957 when Mrs. Frances Kipps Spencer volunteered to decorate the Church Christmas Tree.  After much study, she designed numerous ornaments from the symbols or "Monograms" used by early Christians to indentify themselves with Christ.  Each year a live tree is decorated with Chrismon Ornaments and displayed for groups and individuals to visit.  Mrs. Spencer said the tree was not finished until someone came to see it and had the story of Christ explained to them through the Chrismons.

Several Chrismons are displayed in the narthex year round, however a Chrismas visit will bring a true appreciation for the ministry.  Chrismons are never sold, but given as gifts.  Patterns to make your own Chrismons are available by visiting our website, or contacting the Chrismon Secretary.  Churches and individuals world wide have continued to spread the tradition for over 50 years.