The Presidents and their Generals Tour

Start this tour in the Historic City of Fairfax.  Although there is no monument or memorial to Confederate President Jefferson Davis here, the city was the site of Davis' largest troop review of the entire war.  The city's visitor center and museum are the origin of many walking tours that highlight the city's Civil War era sites.   From Fairfax you will make your way to Arlington National Cemetery and visit the Lee-Custis Mansion, home of Robert E. Lee.  Soon after the start of the war the grounds of Lee's property were occupied by Union soldiers and turned into a cemetery for their dead.  This was the origin of the National Cemetery we know of today.  You'll then head into Washington DC and pay tribute to Abraham Lincoln by stopping by the Lincoln Memorial.  Engraved on one of the interior walls of the memorial are the words to the Gettysburg Address.  At the opposite end of the National Mall in front of the Capitol Dome is the Ulysses S. Grant Memorial.  The statue of Grant faithfully faces west towards the memorial of the President he so dutifully served.