Love the Local Vibe - Day Trip to Staunton

Frontier Culture Museum. Help harvest a crop or feel the heat from the blacksmith's fire at the Frontier Culture Museum, a living history museum with costumed interpreters. Hear the story of the earliest immigrants to America, and the culture they created together.

Lunch, Shopping, Browsing. Plan for a leisurely shopping and lunch excursion in downtown Staunton, which is lined with hundreds of Victorian buildings that house unique shops, art galleries, antique stores, coffeehouses and cafes.  Downtown offers wellness options like salons, spas, and yoga and massage studios.  You’ll find a toy store and hobby shop, homemade ice cream and pizza, as well as an outdoor outfitter and bike shop.

 Sunspots Studios. See live glassblowing daily at Sunspots, and shop in their beautiful gallery of art glass and copper.

Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library. Your journey into history begins at the Woodrow Wilson Presidential Library, where you will explore the life and legacy of Woodrow Wilson at his birthplace, museum, and library. You can take a self-guided tour of the museum, where treasures tell the tales of Wilson's presidency.

 Dinner. Your evening will be enveloped in the burgeoning local foodie movement in Staunton.  Here, a “Farm to Table” culinary sensibility is realized through the proximity of fresh ingredients, local farm tours and a sensational, seasonal Farmers’ Market.  You’ll dine in one of our many restaurants before heading back out on the town for the evening.

Blackfriars Playhouse. You’ll “Do It With the Lights On” at a lively performance at the Blackfriars Playhouse, the only re-creation in the world of Shakespeare’s indoor theatre.   Winding Down for the Evening Your evening won’t be complete until you stop by one of our local restaurants for a glass of Virginia wine and perhaps some live music by a talented local performer.