Greene County Old School

Noon Whistle Pottery

Noon Whistle Pottery is nestled in downtown Stanardsville in beautiful Greene County. The store is located within the downtown historic district housed in a 1930's filling station. Noon Whistle showcases and sells the artwork of over one hundred American artists, craftsmen and potters throughout its spacious unique three floor building.

Cattail Creek

Unique Cattail Creek is a locally owned and operated gift shop conveniently located on Route 29 just North of the 29/33 intersection in Ruckersville. Selling local crafts, artwork and garden accessories, Cattail Creek offers a serene shopping experience like no other. Shop in the sun room or go for a short walk to see what is available outside and you will quickly see what keeps people coming back to shop at Cattail Creek year after year.

Antiquer's Mall

Antiquer's Mall is a must-experience for antique enthusiasts. Boasting over 25,000 square feet with over 200 vendors, the indoor and outdoor areas of Antiquer's Mall is open seven days a week offering one of a kind collectibles and keepsakes for you to remember your stay in Greene County for years to come.

Greene County Visitor Center (2 pictures)

Located in a historic home, the Greene County Visitor Center is a unique sight filled with old school appeal and beautiful decor. Hosting a steady stream of locals and tourists alike, the Greene County Visitor Center in Ruckersville has a comforting at-home feel sure to make you smile. We welcome you to visit for a while and maybe rest a few minutes in our locally made rocking chairs on our covered front porch.


Located near the intersection of Advanced Mills Road and Cedar Grove Road in beautiful Greene County, this scenic picture tells the story of our rich combination of farm land and breathtaking views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our County is one of four entrances onto Skyline Drive and this picture makes you feel as if you're already on the drive.

Antique Mall Country Store

Welcome to Antique Mall Country Store where you will find thousands of old books and treasures. Located Ruckersville, the Country Store is one of four antique stores clustered next to one another. Great for the seasoned antiquer or for someone looking to take a break from traveling, the Antique Mall Country Store is sure to have something of interest to you.