Gloucester, Virginia...For history, for beauty, for fun!

Bridging the river... Just across the river from Yorktown, lies Gloucester County where history, beauty and fun are a way of life. Lose yourself on scenic back roads, explore history and experience life on River Time.

Day 1
Begin your visit at the Visitor Information Center located in a 1896 Clerks office. Gloucester's historic Court Circle has been described as "one of the few remaining examples of a classic early Virginia county seat." Across the street is the Museum of History, housed in a pre-Revolutionry Ordinary. Venture up Main St. and visit the statue of Pocahontas - a great photo op! The 17th century Ware Episcopal Church is nearby with a beautiful and interesting graveyard. At Beverdam Park join the latest craze...geocaching. You'll find more than 20 caches in the park. Dinner at one of our local restaurants ends the day on a high note.

Day 2
Venture into the past at Rosewell Ruin, once the home of John Page, three time Governor of VA, and now a magnificant ruin. Visit Warner Hall Graveyard where ancestors of George Washington, Robert E. Lee and Queen Elizabeth II are buried. Abingdon Church and Powhatan's Chimney are stops along the way to the southern end of Gloucester. At Gloucester Point, the Point Walk clues you in to the historical, commercial and ecological significance of the York River. Tyndall's Point Park (part of the VA Civil War Trails) is the remains of earthworks dating to Revolutionary War times. A great way to finish off day two, before heading out to dinner.

Day 3
The middle peninsula of Virginia's Chesapeake Bay region has much to offer...whether you are a history buff, art lover or an outdoors type, there is much to keep you busy. Be sure to ask for a River Country Visitor Guide while at the Gloucester Visitor Information Center; in it you will find information about our neighbors...Mathews, Middlesex, Essex, King and Queen, King William, Tappahannock, Urbanna and West Point.