Calling Civil War Buffs

Lynchburg was a vital transportation hub and a critical hospital center for the Confederacy, thus a prime Union target. Home to 11 Civil War Trails sites and only 25 miles from Appomattox where “our nation reunited”, the area is sure to satisfy every Civil War buff!

Day 1: Start the day walking the roads travelled on by Robert E. Lee and Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House National Historical Park. Visit the McLean house where Lee and Grant signed the terms of surrender, bringing an end to the bloodiest chapter of American history. Stop by the National Civil War Chaplains’ Museum, which is dedicated to the role of chaplains, priests, and rabbis in the US and CSA armies during the Civil War, and learn about the role of religion during times of war. Enjoy a driving tour and learn about the diverse architecture that comprises the seven Historic Districts.

Day 2: Your Civil War journey continues with a tour of Historic Sandusky and Civil War Center. The Federal style mansion, built in 1808, was taken over and used as Union headquarters during the Battle of Lynchburg. Additional artifacts and exhibits can be found at the Lynchburg Museum, which has a special “Civil War in Lynchburg” exhibit. Old City Cemetery is a 26-acre site features historic gravestones, monuments, ironwork enclosures, Butterfly Garden & Lotus Pond, 19th-century shrubs and local architectural relics. 5 museums on the grounds include the Pest House Medical Museum, the Cemetery Center, the Hearse House & Caretakers' Museum and the Station House Museum. The memorable Confederate Cemetery contains over 2200 graves of soldiers from 14 states. End the day touring Point of Honor, named for the duels fought on the lawn. The Federal-style house was the home of Dr. George Cabell, Patrick Henry’s personal physician.