Boxerwood Gardens Lexington

Begin your day at a place that makes being outdoors fun - Boxerwood Gardens!  Kids can explore the nature play trail featuring areas dedicated to "Digging to China" and "Making Mud Pies."  And, better yet all the "rules" are DO's - Make Noise, Touch Anything, Get Dirty, Move Things.  Who needs video games and television when you have the whole wide outdoor world to explore!?! 

And the fun isn't just for kids!  Adults love exploring the nooks and crannies to be found everywhere you turn.  A gia-normous wooden chair makes everyone feel young at heart.  And a discarded piano finds new life as a magical centerpiece at Boxerwood!

Come explore Boxerwood for yourself, then refuel with delicious eats at one of the many superb restaurants that Downtown Lexington has to offer!