Alpaca Pastures of Virginia, Inc.

WELCOME!!  We are Patrick and Sherry McEvoy.

Schedule your group event, Alpaca farm tour, and fiber workshop for a Girl Scout Troop, 4-H Club, or other Organization today.

The Farm Tour consists of a walk to the barn to learn about the living quarters and what’s required to raise Alpacas. You’ll learn about the history of the Alpacas, how Alpaca fleece is processed, and the import of Alpacas to the USA. Everyone will have an opportunity to “touch” the Alpaca’s fiber. - Additional activities can include a fiber workshop where the group is taught how to do a Wet Felting project.

Our facilities include a 24' x 36' Pavilion with tables and chairs; it's great for farm tours, seminars, fiber workshops, birthday parties, and group picnics.

Call us today for a Group Packet and to Schedule your Group Event at our Alpaca Farm!!