My work is grounded in real life & is an independent, personal response to the enduring tenacity of life.

The common threads throughout these unique works are motion, change,  & the passage of time.  The natural landscapes of fields and forests  or beaches and oceans evoke breathtaking beauty.  My work captures  their timeless appeal and the moments and the memories that embrace the  fleeting nature of this life, this place, and this time.  My pieces reveal the influence of time on the changing sea, the  spiraling waves, the warm sun, the forceful winds, the falling rain, and  the elegant & powerful horse as I see them in nature.                                                                            I developed my own clay body to accommodate the immediate and intense  ways I work with my varied combination's of forming techniques.  Slab  construction, wheel thrown and altered, and slab draping are my methods.   The materials are nontoxic and nonporous; many of the works are weather proof.  The stoneware body is resilient, coarse, and rich  brown to buff maturing at 2380 degrees (cone 10 ).