Via Creativa Gallery

"Via Creativa Gallery is a showcase of Fair Trade and American-made hand craft in Virginia Beach. We focus on social responsibility through the retail of functional crafts including textiles, eco-friendly products, and lots of beautiful jewelry. Our Fair Trade supports non-profit organizations and small businesses in Africa and Columbia, and our American artists are individuals and small businesses closer to home.  We can ensure the money goes back to somewhere worthwhile.  Options for Children of Zambia, the non-profit involved with Tribal Textiles, has created an upstart in healthcare initiatives in rural Zambia.  We sell the beautiful handcrafted Zambian textiles to help support the Options for Children initiatives. (Please see We find it mutually beneficial to offer great handmade items at amazing prices that all contribute to economic growth where we need it most, at the bottom."

Find us on Facebook to be up to date on when we might be having our Sunday markets or some special sales. We'll also be going to some of the new Saturday Old Beach Green Market events to help promote the "Greening" of Virginia Beach.

Find us on Facebook to get all the details of events and sales.