The Split Banana

We bet that the ice cream we make here, on site, every day is the best you've ever tasted. That's because we use the freshest, best ingredients available both locally and globally, and because we keep everything simple. Ice cream isn't complicated; it's just milk, cream, sugar, and natural emulsifiers. Why add anything else? But wait--ice cream isn't our only specialty! We proudly serve a fantastic, supremely delicious offering of homemade, authentic Italian gelato made fresh right in our store.
Also, we make the best sorbet you have ever tried--with a smooth, perfect texture to die for, made with nothing but fresh fruit, water, and sugar (okay, lots of sugar)!
With ice cream, gelato, and sorbet combined, we offer a rotating array of 14-18 flavors every day, most made that very day. You've never had anything like it.