The Rock Garden

The Rock Garden, located in the heart of Central Virginia, occupies a 100 year old dwelling, and showcases a remarkable selection of Mineral Specimens, Fossils, and hand-crafted Jewelry made on the premises. Through 2008, visitors can enjoy a beautiful display of Fluorescent Minerals from diverse international locales like Greenland, Congo, Australia, Great Britain, Canda and, of course, The United States. These specimens emit a rainbow of intense colors when bathed in ultraviolet light. Varieties exhibited include classics like Fluorite, Calcite, Scapolite and Willemite; gem varieties such as Ruby, Spinel, Zircon and Opal; and exotic rarities including Tugtupite, Xonotlite, Eucryptite and Manganaxinite. Polished, fluorescing gift ideas are available too, such as Spheres, Animal Carvings and unique Jewelry pieces.