The Next Step

Next Step Fine Comfort Footwear is a family owned and operated business operating in the Northern VA / DC / MD tri-state area. We've been in business over 30 years, and now operate 5 physical store locations in addition of various online ventures. In terms of shoes, sandals, foot issues and resolutions, and emerging technology, we've seen everything there is to see. When you're shopping Next Step, you can be assured that we will never feature product we don't believe in on our sites or in our stores. Every brand, and by association every product is carefully chosen from literally a cast of thousands so that we have only the best of the best. Our mission is to make the in-store retail experience the most personal and informative it can possibly be - just like it used to be. We try our best to bring this mentality to our web presence each and every day. So: Shop the store, ask questions, find us online, but most of all enjoy your time here and let us help you walk the world in comfort and style!