The Game and Toy Merchant

The new “Game and Toy Merchant” shop will highlight wares from antiquity to the present.   Opening in March, the “Game and Toy Merchant” will be housed in the historic 1820 Sowell House which was relocated to Michie Tavern in the mid-1990s. Featured will be a vast array of board games, wooden toys, dolls, miniature tea sets (many of which may be familiar to patrons today).  However, the 18th century will be highlighted in wares that may not be so common.  Consider “The Game of Graces,” “Nine Man Morris,” “Nine Pin,” the “Game of Life,” “The Game of Goose.”  The names may sound recognizable, but the “plays” are not what one may expect.  Michie Tavern’s Game and Toy Merchant will be open 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. daily. This family-friendly shop offers games, toys “and the unexpected” for adults, youth and collectors.  An educational exhibit on the history of toys and games will be featured at the entrance of the “Game and Toy Merchant Shop.” One can now rediscover that once cherished game or toy at Michie Tavern.