The Cake Man

Have your cake... and eat it too!!!  We  specialize in  original, creative cakes that not only LOOK wonderful,  but tastes great too! Popular Cake Man Cakes

Popular Cake Man Cakes

*The Diabetic Friendly Cake

*The Balloon Color Explosion Cake

*The Minnie Mouse Cake (or Mickey Mouse Cake)

*Traditional Birthday Cake

ALWAYS feel free to bring ANY ideas to us!! We LOVE to get creative!!!!!

"THE CAKE MAN" consists of husband and wife team who design, bake and  create wonderful works of edible art. We offer breaskfast treats like  cinnamon rolls, fresh coffee, scones and cream puffs and lots of dessert  goodies like cake, cupcakes, brownies, cake pops, truffles, cold drinks  and much much more!