S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, Inc.

S. Wallace Edwards & Sons, Inc. has produced Virginia country hams, bacon and sausage for 75 years.  S. Wallace Edwards, Sr., a ferry boat captain who began curing hams to provide sandwiches to his passengers crossing the James River between Surry and Jamestown, Virginia, founded the company in 1926. The company cures and smokes its pork products at its smokehouse in Surry, Va. using a technique adapted by the original Jamestown colonists (circa 1608) from the Indian method of curing venison in their wigwams by the smoke of cooking fires.  The company's specialty foods are available to consumers at its two retail stores, Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe of Surry and Edwards Virginia Ham Shoppe of Williamsburg and through its website www.virginiatraditions.com and at gourmet shops and upscale grocers and restaurants throughout the nation.