Skye High Llama Farm

Listen and learn life lessons from llamas at a small, un-pretentious, heart centered cottage farm tucked in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains in Rappahannock County.  On a trek of hiking Old Rag, seasonal fruit picking at local orchards, wine tasting at notable vineyards, a visit with "Skye King" and his herd of 10 llamas, is a camera ready scene. This "hat herd" of llamas creates with the owner, Nan Mc Evoy, felted  hats.

Come.  See.  Felt.  Listen to the sun go down where the mountains reach the sky, fancy is free and the cares of tomorrow can wait  'til tomorrow.....and what can a llama teach you?!  

Flint Hill is nestled between routes 66, 211 and 522.  Dining, rest rooms,and gas facilities are within a mile of the farm which is open  May through October by  appointment. Call 540 675-3927.

We look forward to your visit!