Old Beach Green Market

The Old Beach Green Market is an eco-friendly, outdoor market featuring local businesses presenting earth friendly goods, services and information that will help visitors adopt a greener way of life.  You'll find eco-friendly alternatives, locally crafted goods made from recycled, upcycled, repurposed and sustainable materials as well as fair trade goods from around the world. Located on 19th Street between Cypress Avenue and Mediterranean Avenue in Virginia Beach, the Old Beach Green Market is just steps away from the Old Beach Farmers Market and the Old Beach Art Market and a few minutes' walk or bike ride from the beach. The Old Beach Green Market is proud to offer so many unique and fun items while promoting green living.  A great place to discuss green alternatives and meet like minded locals who have dedicated their businesses to a greener world. The Old Beach Markets are a must see and enjoy, for all visitors and locals alike. 

The market is open every Saturday, May - October, then third Saturdays November - April. The market is open from 8am - 12pm each of those days during the summer and 9am - 12pm during the spring, fall and winter months.