Kluge-Ruhe Gift Shop

The Kluge-Ruhe gift shop is part of the Kluge-Ruhe Australian Aboriginal Art Collection of the University of Virginia.  We sell only items handmade by Aboriginal artists, or items with designs from paintings by Aboriginal artists.  The majority of the profit from your purchase goes back to the community in which the item was made, and a very small portion goes to covering the cost of freight and supporting the Kluge-Ruhe's mission and programs.  Items in the shop include: paintings on canvas, paintings on bark, coolamans (a type of wooden dish), books, journals, mugs, espresso cups, pillows, baskets, toiletry bags, linen tote bags, overnight bags, plates, note card packs, individual note cards, pens, luggage tags, coin purses, coasters, posters, limited edition prints, wallets, and more!