Hubbard Peanut Company, Inc.

The Best….Pure and Simple.

Over two generations ago, in the tiny village of Sedley, the Hubbard family pioneered a different way to cook and sell Virginia peanuts.  A special blanching process using all natural ingredients and only super extra large Virginia peanuts grown in the USA is the recipe for Hubs “home cooked” peanuts. Today, almost sixty years later, Hubs peanuts are still cooked from the same location that was the Hubbard family home.  Hubs are consistent in quality, wholesome, and have a superior taste and crunch.  They are Kosher certified, compatible with Feingold, and we are proud sponsors of the Celiac Disease Foundation…. so eat Hubs and eat healthy. If you are traveling the back country roads of Southampton County where the best peanuts in the world are grown, please stop in and visit.