Hawkins Guitar

Luthier Brian Hawkins has been building handmade guitars, with rich colorful depth and sound, since 1997. Brian also served the luthier community, for many years, as a premium wood supplier to many of the most recognized names in the industry. Located in Virginia Beach of the Tidewater Hampton Roads area of Virginia, his understanding of tonewood properties and his relentless attention to detail is evident in every fine hand crafted guitar that he produces. When you buy a Hand Made Hawkins Guitar you get personally selected aged wood that has been set aside for only the finest guitars, a customized guitar built for you and your playing style as well as the infusion of some of the best kept secrets in the guitar building community.

 For those with the desire to build guitars you may want to consider the Hawkins Guitar Building School. Here we learn the secrets to building beautiful guitars with incredible sound. We also specialize in guitar repair in our full service Guitar Repair Shop. PH. (757) 818-8370 OPEN 10-5 weekdays and 10-2 on Saturday