Harmony Moon

Harmony Moon is a specialty shop dedicated to helping people live gentler lives.  We offer gifts and decorative accessories for the home and garden, including fountains, chimes, incense, statuary, books, and music that will lift your spirit and inspire you towards serenity.

Home & Garden:
fountains, windchimes, garden art, the green
home, aromatherapy, incense, candles, soaps,
baskets, statuary, nature-inspired art and décor

Health & Wellness:
relaxation, stress-reduction, sleep aids,
meditation & yoga supplies, bath & spa, healthy
living, creativity & inspiration

Joyful Child:
books, music, toys & games to build self-esteem,
encourage creativity, and foster caring for the earth

Handmade - Fair Trade:
most items are handmade by artisans here in the U.S.
as well as overseas. We support the principles of Fair
Trade: every artisan receives a fair wage, affordable
healthcare, and safe working conditions.

Pay It Forward:
a portion of every sale goes to support a variety
of international and local charities