Grains of Sense, LLC

Grains of Sense is a family owned & operated coffee micro-roaster located in quaint, historic Staunton, VA.

At Grains of Sense, we regard roasting coffee as fine art and strive to create coffee masterpieces with each and every roast.

We are a registered USDA Certified Organic processor, Certified and registered member of TransFair-USA and a registered member of the Virginia's Finest Program.  We source, roast and sell, only, USDA Certified Organic, Certified Fair Trade and relationship coffees from which we offer a varried selection of roasts, blends and countries of origin.

We only roast fresh-to-order and roast in small casts or batches to provide maximum control over the roast process so to ensure the highest quality coffees possible.

Take home our coffee; find us at the Downtown Harrisonburg Farmers Market or online.