Crows Nest Berry Farm

We grow U-Pick blueberries, thornless and thorny blackberries and primocane red and golden raspberries as well as seedless table grapes and spring asparagus. Only the asparagus is pre-picked and fast-chilled, then sold in 1 pound lots from refrigerator at Crows Nest Greenhouses, from late April through mid-June.

We start our U-Pick season with blueberries in late June through early August, blackberries ripen from late July through mid-Sept, and primocane late summer high-flavor red and golden raspberries pick from late July continuously until end of September. We are in the Prices Fork area of Montgomery County 5 miles from Blacksburg.

For updates and current picking schedule, always call our farm business phone before leaving to come pick. All containers furnished including take-home boxes. We hope to see you soon!