Bliss Bakery

Are you looking for a bakery like the ones found in the North and Midwest?  Then Bliss Bakery is your place.  Bliss Bakery serves the region's best donuts, pies, pastries, and cakes.  No wonder why we were voted Best of the Beach in our first year.  Bliss is the custom cake leader in Hampton Roads.  No fancy prices but definitely some of the wackiest and fun cakes you can imagine.  Bliss also does elegant with some very special wedding cakes.  The only thing Bliss isn't is pretentious and over-priced.  If you are looking for a REAL bakery where cupcakes don't require a layaway plan and the names of the products don't require a lesson in foreign language, come to Bliss.  Find out why we are the talk of Hampton Roads and how we make life a little sweeter!  Call 368-CAKE or go online at