Ashwood Station

Ashwood Station is a shop filled with antiques, local handcrafts and  gifts. The old Ashwood Service Station was a landmark in the  Ashwood/Healing Springs area since the early part of the 1900's.  We  have re-built a structure that closely resembles the original (we even  have old gas pumps on display!), and hope that it, too, will become a  local landmark.  We offer antiques from not only our area, but  neighboring states as well.  We currently have crafts from local  crafters Donna Campagna (baskets and painted gourds), Heather DeBoe  (jewelry), Debbie Chaplin (hand-knitted and felted wool hats), Linda  Weiss (handpainted garden signs), Frankie Broce (hand made furniture),  and myself (hand stitched ornaments and framed needlework).  We hope to  add more as time goes by.  We will also have a line of coffee and spices  in the weeks to come, and will add other gift items as we come across  things we think our customers would like.  All items will be made in the  USA!

Our winter hours are Thursday, Friday, Saturday from 10am to 5pm.   We will also be open both weekends of the Maple Festival.