Agora Art Studios

The Agora was a central spot in ancient Greece (or Greek states), meaning "gathering place" or "assembly." Agora Art Studios, strategically located in the SoNo area of Chesapeake, Virginia, is a unique privately-owned cultural space with an art gallery, an art store, eighteen art studios, and a wonderful outdoor space that can be used to host events to promote the arts.

The art gallery / store display specially unique pieces such as hand-crafted Spanish jewelry with ancient beads, Italian designer jewelry in silver and semi-precious stones, and Peruvian ceramics created using an ancient method from pre-Inca cultures that existed 2500 years ago, among others.

In addition, the owner, Jorge Suarez, who is not only an artist but also an antique art restorer, performs free live-demos of painting creation process as well as restoration of antiques and paintings on an ongoing basis. 

Admission to the venue: free.