Smith Mountain Dock & Lodge

Smith Mountain Dock & Lodge is a historic place to visit. As the oldest marina on Smith Mountain Lake we are 'The" Home of the Pet Carp.

People come from miles just to feed the fish and feel the cool water splash, hear the laughter and have fun with family and friends.

If you're hungry there are lots of menu choices, from the best cheeseburger on the lake, fried bologna sandwich, grilled cheese or pb&j sandwich, barbeque and shrimp with plenty other choices in between to feed that hunger! Thirsty, then be sure to have some of the finest fresh brewed sweet tea, fountain drinks and a cooler with variety!
We have Premium (93) and Regular (87) gas that is Ethanol Free!
Quite, tucked away in the coves of Smith Mountain Lake is a great getaway form the hustle and bustle of your times!
Efficiency Rooms available with double beds that will comfortably sleep 2-4 with kitchenette. One house available that will comfortably sleep 6-8.
Customer Service is number one priority with our full service operation! We want you 'The Customer" to know that we Appreciate YOU!