Shenandoah Springs Country Inn

Shenandoah Springs B & B beckons you to the quiet, yet unbroken symphonies of the wilderness and a quaint away from it all farm life..a return to the uncongested early 1800's from the time you enter the rustic Jackson Ridge Wagon Trail...or, waking up to the honking of the geese or the crowing of the farm rooster...or, reveling in the Shenandoah starlit night calls of the whippoorwill and the hoot owl...or, just a scenic nature hike on Deer Run or turkey Trot...  You will lodge in the Pre-Civil War home of American Walker Yowell with bedrooms cozily decorated to an open fireplace and breakfast by a crackling fire served by a gracious and competent host...added to all of this scenic and private dining view of the rolling hills, the Shenandoah National Park, and the pastoral farmland.