Midnight Oasis

We all have our own unique oasis; that place where we seek refuge and find relief from the day's troubles. Our own personal oasis adds beauty to our lives and provides a place of peace.  Throughout history, legends have described an oasis as being a welcome sight to weary travelers, a lush sanctuary that provided rest on a long journey or a place to be replenished to begin a new journey. The essential characteristic of an oasis is water, and what better place for a modern day oasis than here on the New River.  In nature, an oasis is a place that nurtures life; it's where things grow. Just as a natural oasis provides fertile ground and nourishing water to plants, our own personal oasis nourishes our beings so that we may grow and feel replenished.  Midnight Oasis does just that, it is a place of quiet serenity inviting us to escape for a few days and be revitalized by the river, the woods and the simple things like an evening campfire or a morning walk by the water.