Kissing Rock Camp - Looney Cabin

Kissing Rock Camp in it's current incarnation is a primitive camp for the mostly self sufficient. It is centrally located in the Mount Rogers National Recreation Area, about 12 miles off I-81. Direct access to the Virginia Highlands Horse Trail. The trail in this area is not steep, and relatively free of rocks. There are loops ranging from 2-5 hours. Horses may be kept in paddocks, or your own electric pens. Stalls are available. The "Looney Cabin" located in Camp, Va. is about a 6 hour ride east, toward the Little Dry Run Wilderness Area. It is also rustic and has direct access to the VHHT. Whether you like to ride loops, of prefer a longer trek, Kissing Rock can probably accommodate your riding style. Hikers, tent campers, fishermen and mountain bikers will also find a great get away experience at either camp.