False Cape State Park Camping

Nestled between Back Bay and the Atlantic Ocean, False Cape State Park is one of the last remaining undeveloped areas along the Atlantic coast.

False Cape State Park camping - Camping is permitted year-round, but reservations are required. Same-day reservations aren't taken for False Cape. Campsites at the park are in four distinct areas - Barbour Hill Bay, Barbour Hill Ocean, False Cape Landing Bay and False Cape Landing Ocean - which are separated by significant distances.

The park accommodates primitive camping, tents only, and offers 12 sites. All campers must receive their confirmation letter and information packet before camping here. Please take the time necessary to read the information you receive. False Cape is an unusual and potentially unpleasant place for those who are unprepared. Camping at False Cape State Park is not recommended for young children, inexperienced campers, or those who need access to emergency medical care.