Dr. Seuss

Originally built in 1880 and later expanded to its present four bedrooms, living room, dining room and kitchen and 2 baths. This two story house retains its historical dignity, but embellished over the years with certain structural eccentricities that give it antique charm. That quality - a crooked window here, a slightly unusual foor there - prompted the owner's daughter on her first visit to remark: "This looks like a house Dr. Seuss could live in" and thus it was dubbed "Dr. Seuss, the designation on a plaque on the front porch and a Dr. Seuss print just inside the front doors Dr. Seuss does not have granite countertop. It doesn't have designer wallpaper. There is no wide screen TV or plush embroidered bathrobes. It lacks a wine cellar(but has a cellar). What is does have is a happy unassuming nature, relaxing ambiance, and a great location from which as many as 8 people can visit Historic Lexington.