Genealogy and Research Travel Package

Come to Orange to discover your own family history, or to research important historical subjects! As an historian and archaeologist, inn owner, Sam, has spent many hours in local archives researching a number of historical topics. Let him assist you in your pursuits. The inn is located in the Town of Orange, one block away from the Orange County Historical Society and the Orange County Courthouse.

This package includes:

2 Nights in either the Blue Room or the Oak Room * Gift Certificate for lunch at Elmwood at Sparks * Personal introduction to the Orange County Historical Society staff, collections, and research guides * Complimentary one-year individual membership to the Orange County Historical Society * Personal introduction to the Orange County Courthouse archives and staff * Free guided tour of the Orange Downtown Historic District * Complimentary copy of "Remembering: A History of Orange County, Virginia" by Frank S. Walker * Free WIFI and internet access * Use of our Library of Virginia library card for access to online records * Use of our own library, which includes numerous materials on local history, including out-of-print and hard-to-find copies

Event Dates/Times

3/16/2015 - 3/30/2016


 $499 for two people